P R O F E S S I O N A L     E X P E R I E N C E

The Journey So Far...

Casual Sales Assistant At Tiffany & Co. –- Oct 2016 til Aug 2017

Working for a world-renowned luxury powerhouse has been a character building process for me and has seen me grow as a person through my work. The Castlereagh Street boutique offered me the opportunity to assess personal, client feedback on the organisation’s branding strategies. 

-    Effective conflict resolution skills

-    Foreseeing the implementation of new interior instalments for Tiffany Hardwear launch (the brands largest launch since Tiffany T in 2014)

-    Developing the professional capacity to establish and maintain respectful relationships with clients through the brand’s outreach program (i.e. assessing and organising consistent points of contact with clients, creating strategic selling techniques)

PR Internship At Oscar Wylee–- Aug 2016 til Nov 2016

Once a week, Oscar Wylee’s open plan office housed a day of challenges, learning curves and new possibilities. Working closely with the brands’ publicist, I was fortunate enough to have new and different duties assigned to me each week (from data collection to event management), allowing me to experience public relations in all its many forms. Trusted with a degree of creative freedom and respected for my ideas, I gained a stronger will to excel professionally.  

-    Research and write press releases and press pitches to media liaisons (e.g. for World Sight Day, Oscar Wylee x FurryLittlePeach collab, and Melbourne store opening)

-    Generating Social Media Reports on Excel

-    Managing and content creation for snapchat and instagram

-    Assisting in the management of events like Dinner in the Dark for World Sight Day and Oscar Wylee x FurryLittlePeach collaboration launch party

-    Writing descriptions for new product and generating short, succinct and impactful creative publications

PR Internship At Atelier Lumira –- 2015 til Feb 2016

At Lumira, my internship opened doors to a part-time role where I enjoyed a fulfilling term of employment. As a growing luxury lifestyle brand, Atelier Lumira offered invaluable insight into the nature of small business. Working closely with the found and creative director of the company, I realised that public relations was central to the business strategy and establishing a strong, localised brand experiences.

-       Basic understanding and skills in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for creating product brochures, e-newsletters and product shots

-       Basic photographic skills vis management of Lumira’s social media accounts (i.e. Instagram)

-       Content creation for blog (written and visual)

-       Organisational skills and strategies through identifying and managing the company’s short-term and long-term goals and drawing up social media calendars using Excel

-       Packaging and developing media kits for product launches

-       Pitching ideas and organising fortnightly team meetings

Bartender At Star Hotel (Surfside Hotel Group) -- 2013 til Feb 2016

Three years of bartending allowed me to work in a less formal environment on a part-time basis and provided many social opportunities with various types of people. In hindsight, working in the hospitality industry has given me valuable insight into the importance of cooperation in the workforce. In particular, the importance of understanding company cultures and the dynamics of relationships and hierarchies that function within them. Overall, the bar, as a mature working environment, has given me opportunities to grow as an individual.

·      Social skills and greater understanding of customer service – being friendly and approachable in all circumstances

·      Attained RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling)

·      Learnt how to professionally make coffee by learning from a barista and co-worker

·      Knowledge about liquor and beverages

·      Effective communication in a professional context – point of sale, refusal of alcohol, communicating with managers

·      Time allocation regarding managing my shifts with university schedules and other extracurricular work. 

Receptionist at Stephen Yu Accounting –- 2014-2015

As a small but established accounting firm in the CBD, Stephen Yu Accounting offered me my first job opportunity within an office environment. During the time of taking on this job, I was juggling two jobs, study and social events and allowed me to develop greater time management skills and a higher tolerance for stressful work arrangements.

·      Professionally answer phone enquiries, record memos and arrange appointments accordingly

·      Organisational skills within professional work environments – collation of meeting notes, arrange meeting schedules, order and stocktake company stationery, coordinate the filing system, arrange bills, scribe meeting notes, photocopy and scan documents.

·      Retrieve mail on a weekly basis

·      Acquired minimal but basic skills regarding accounting as I had to make phone calls on behalf of clients and accountants to the tax office, legal departments and other associated parties.

·      Learnt how to navigate the MYOB system, as an additional computer skill

·      Professional writing skills in typing out receipts, cover letters and company memos. 

Front Counter Service, McDonalds; Eastgardens, NSW -- 2010-Early 2011

Being employed with a franchise like McDonalds has given me the opportunity to deal with a variety of people and further develop skills that I have learnt during my years of employment at Chan’s At Lindfield. Working with McDonalds has been a valuable and memorable experience for me, not only because I went through the recruitment process but also because it forced me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop my social skills as well as teach me what teamwork in the work force entails. I have met new people and learnt to adjust to foreign environments and have strengthened my ability to deal with difficult situations, effectively and efficiently. 

Volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul Society -- 2010-2011


As an extension of my volunteering at Kogarah Public School, I also spent an average of an hour per week at my local Vinnies and take pride in my efforts to give back to the community. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to meet many people who were a part of my community and valuable friendships were made during this rewarding experience.

·      Organising donated goods

·      Assisting at the register

·      Helping with and solving customer enquirie 

Work Experience at Deloitte -- 2010

In my week at Deloitte, I worked closely with both the director of Director of Commercial Services, Premises Management and her personal assistant. I received great guidance in regards to work ethic within an office environment. As my first time working in a corporate environment, I gained many valuable insights into the internal structure and compartmentalization of work within organisations and therefore, the importance of effective communication skills between departments.

·      Acquired organisational skills by having to deal with extensive amounts of paperwork and also handled company mail when I was sent to the Deloitte mailroom for one day

·      Learnt to assist and cooperate with others

·      Promptness and being on time by working the standard 9-5

·      Interpersonal communication in a professional environment 

Volunteer at Kogarah Public School -- 2009

As a member of a community, it is important to give back as much as you receive. This is an ingrained belief that has been further cultivated in my high school years. One of the ways St. George Girls High School kept students grounded and involved in extracurricular activities was to give students the opportunity to volunteer at Kogarah public school. Volunteer work generally entailed teaching simple maths, spelling and reading. I found this to be one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had because it not only helped to develop my patience but also showed me that ‘working’ with people and helping others can be a very enriching experience. 

Waitress, Chan's At Lindfield Chinese Restaurant; Lindfield -- 2008-2010

As my first experience of the workforce, Chan’s At Lindfield has given me a strong foundation to build upon my social and administrative skills.  Picking up the phone, organizing reservations and serving guests were all part of the experience in the small local business, owned by close family friends. As a result, I received great guidance in a comfortable, familiar environment where I was not held back by fears of failure. Specifically, I developed an understanding of how a staff member should interact with his/her customer and the polite relationship that must be sustained between both parties. I’ve also begun to understand the importance of teamwork and the need to develop clear, concise communication between co-workers.